Composite Valves

Composite Butterfly Valves

Conley butterfly valves feature a double-offset disc design normally found only on expensive high performance types. This design allows the disc to move off the seat with a "camming" action, reducing break-away torque and seat wear. The 360° uninterrupted disc seal eliminates the leak path at the shaft hubs found on PTFE and rubber-lined competitors valves. A super-strong 17-4 ph shaft encapsulated with graphite reinforced vinyl ester resin eliminates corrosion and assures long trouble-free operation.

Composite Ball Valves

Conley Composites offers a choice of six ball valve models in a selection of corrosion resistant advanced composite materials and sizes to meet the requirements of the chemical process industry. All conley ball valves feature lightweight, corrosion resistant bodies and a lock-out provision as standard equipment.

Composite Diaphragm & Check Valves

Conley manufactures a variety of high quality, corrosion resistant valves. Built with our premium Epoxy, Vinyl Ester, or Furan liner systems, Conley valves will stand up to the rigors of your process system. Our extra heavy walled filament wound valves can endure service up to 150psi and temperature ranges up to 275 °F. Learn more about our Diaphragm, Swing Check and Double Contaiment valves at the link below.