Endurance™ Continuous Cast
Vinyl Ester FRP Pipe

The Future of Fiberglass Pipe Manufacturing

Endurance™ 50 Brochure Endurance™ 100 Brochure

A Quantum Leap in Manufacturing Process

Conley Composites has developed break-through proprietary technology in the manufacture of vinyl ester fiberglass reinforced thermoset we call "Continuous Cast Pipe" that produces a machine-made resin rich pipe to exact inside and outside diameter dimensions continuously. The process not only results in an extremely consistent product but also allows for pipe lengths up to 50ft.

Superior to Competitors FRP Pipe

Conley Endurance™ "Continuous Cast Pipe" manufacturing strategically places continuous glass reinforcement directly in the axis of stress loading, axial and hoop, providing outstanding strength in each axis.

The machine-positioned directional glass placement yields much greater stiffness offering higher axial tensile and beam bending capabilites for greater unsupported span situations and lower thermal expansion/contraction, while maintaining an excellent pressure safety factor for hoop strength.

External Resin Rich Nexus Corrosion Barrier

Endurance™ pipe also incorporates a 10 mil resin rich Nexus external corrosion barrier on the O.D. which provides an excellent barrier to environment and airborne corrosives. Endurance™ pipe also contains a UV inhibitor to aid against ultraviolet radiation from sunlight.

Resin Rich Nexus Corrosion Barrier

Endurance™ internal corrosion barrier consists of up to 11 (on Endurance 100) layers of Nexus veil, each saturated with vinyl ester resin. The resin rich Nexus veil reinforcement provides increased strength and ductility that isn't easily cracked or fractured like "Fragile, non reinforced pure resin" is known to do with competitor's pipe. Endurance™ Pipe has been proven to provide over 2 times the impact resistance over competitor pipes as well.

Pressure and Temperature

Endurance™ pipe is rated to 300 psi from -40 °F to 200 °F. Conley fittings also maintain the same pressure / temperature rating as Endurance™ pipe.

Materials and Construction

Endurance™ is manufactured with two distinct layers; the Nexus reinforced vinyl ester corrosion barrier with a heavy duty glass reinforcement saturated with vinyl ester resin.

The internal corrosion barrier (inner liner) consists of a minimum of six layers of Nexus veil saturated with vinyl ester resin. The Nexus veil adds reinforcement to increase strength and ductility of the resin rich corrosion barrier.

The Glass reinforcement, or cage, is manufactured with glass fiber bundles, pressure saturated with a highly chemical resistant formulation of premium vinyl ester resin to provide maximum exterior corrosion resistance. The unique pressure saturating process eliminates voids between fibers and resin. The fiberglass bundles are oriented in strict axial and hoop directions, which provide oustanding stiffness and pressure capabilites.

The unique manufacturing process used to produce Endurance™ 50 allows for lengths up to 50ft. allowing the end user to reduce the nubmer of socket or flanged joints in the field.


Conley fittings are filament wound, and have a minimum double Nexus Veil reinforced vinyl ester internal corrosion resistant barrier (50-60 mils), filament wound glass reinforced structural cage, and a Nexus veil external corrosion barrier.


Flanges are to be attached to a pipe section only with straight socket adhesive joints. Flanges through 8" diameter shall be serrated for improved gasket sealing. Full face gaskets are required at any flanged connection to fittings. Ring gaskets are optional between rotating spool flanges and raised face connections.

Connections - Straight Socket Joints

Straight Adhesive Socket Joints are used with both pipe to fitting connections as well as pipe to pipe connections using couplings.

Flange connections are used to join the fiberglass pipe and fittings to other equipment. Flanges are designed for the operating pressure per the system requirements as a minimum. Flange dimensions conform to ANSI/ASME B16.5 150 lb drilling. Rotatable flanges (available on pipe spools only) exhibit enough strength to be connected to raised face surfaces (equipment connections, valves, etc.) and do not require a spacer ring to maintain a flat surface to the O.D of the flange. Where rotatable spool flanges are connected to any FRP fittings, a full face gasket is required.

Gaskets and Hardware

Flat washers shall be used between bolt heads or nuts and the back side of flanges.

Recommended gasket materials are a minimum of 1/8 inch in thickness with a suitable chemical reisistance to the service. Gaskets shall have a Shore A hardness of 50 to 70.

PTFE envelope gaskets are not recommended. See the Conley Installation & Fabrication Manual for bolt torque requirements.

Quality Assurance and Inspection

Conley's Quality Assurance program is certitfied to ISO 9001. All pipe is dimensionally inspected and measured as per Conley specifications. Fittings are inspected at each stage of manufacture for liner, reinforcement and external corrosion barrier thickness.