FRP Piping Accessories

Conley Composites Piping System Accessories

Conley Composites offers a variety of piping system accessories to tackle the diverse range of problems corrosive attack can bring. Our valves & strainers offer three distinct advantages that set us apart from the rest of the industry. First, our all glass fiber construction leaves no metal parts to corrode. Secondly the ease of serviceability is unmatched. Our accessories are designed to be serviced less and are easier to service when you have to. Lastly, no other manufacturer can match our quality for the same low price. Corrosion resistance plays an important role in all of Conley's Diaphragm Valves & Strainers with the availability of Epoxy, Vinyl Ester or Furan liner systems in standard 60 mil or optional 100 mil liner thicknesses. All liners are reinforced with multiple layers of Nexus®. The light weight of our accessories is another feature of Conley Diaphragm Valves & Strainers; weighing approximately one-third of their metal counterparts.

Composite Flanged PTFE Expansion Joint

Composite Flanged PTFE Expansion Joint

Conleys PTFE expansion joints are flexible connectors and tremor barriers designed to compensate for misalignment, absorb expansion and contraction, and isolate vibration and shock in process piping, tanks and pumps. They also offer a low spring rate to protect stress sensitive FRP, glass or graphite equipment. Available in sizes 1/2" to 42" and from 2 to 12 convolutions for maximum movement. Universal chemical inertness, high and low temperature resistance, invulnerability to ozone and sunlight, outstanding flex life, and low acoustical impedance (sound dampening properties).

Conley Basket Strainers

Basket Strainers

Conley Basket Strainers help protect your process system from unwanted contaminants while remaining corrosion resistant and durable. Choose from FEP, Stainless Steel or Polypropylene baskets with almost any size perforation to match your needs. Backed by our premium Epoxy, Vinyl Ester or Furan resins, your systems corrosion resistant integrity remains in-tact while a "fiber-forged" hex nut gives you easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Strainers are available in basket, y-strainer, and duplex systems. Learn more below.

Conley Floor Drains

Floor Drains

Conley Floor Drains are available in multiple diameters and grate configurations to allow for maximum drain flow while providing protection for your piping system. Optional internal secondary grate helps prevent any solids that make it past the top grate from entering your system and causing damage or clogs. Available in custom colors and material designations to match the environment needed, from lightweight fiberglass gratings up to heavy duty stainless steel as needed. Learn more below.

Composite Flanged 360 degree View Sight Gauges

Composite Flanged 360° View Sight Gauges

A unique PTFE / Viton® envelope-type gasket provides a secure, bubble-tight seal even in applications with extreme thermal cycling. All units have a full 150 psig pressure rating at temperatures from -20°F to 350°F. A Lexan® outer safety shield (with an unobstructed 360° view) is provided on the sight flow indicator as an available option. Standard overall lengths of 8" are stocked at the factory, with quick delivery available for special lengths. 316 Stainless Steel flanges (PFA lined) and 304 Stainless Steel hardware provide external corrosion resistance.